Effect of Propofol and Isoflurane Long-Term Anesthesia on Rabbit’s Heart Size as Consideration for Biomaterial Implant Placement


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The heart function suppression during a long-term anestesia should be considered in implant placement surgery. The aim of this study is to determine the effect of propofol and isoflurane combination as a long-term anesthesia on the heart size using radiography vertebrae heart size (VHS) method. Rabbits were injected by propofol 12.5 mg/kg body weight intravenously as an induction and inhaled by 1.0 ml/minutes rate ofisoflurane in facemasked for next 12 hours. Thorax cardiogram in right lateral (RL) and dorsoventral (DV) view were obtained and compared according to duration of anesthesia at 0 hr, 4 hrs, 8 hrs, and 12 hrs. The result showed that heart size on RL view are 7.67±0.50v, 6.67±0.16v, 7±0.00v, and 7.53±0.23v, respectively, while the values on DV view are 7.33±0.23v, 7.06±0.30v, 7±0.2v, and 7.33±0.35v, respectively. The heart size on RL view was decreased after 4 hrs and increased after at 8 to 12hrs significantly (P<0.05) compared to DV view. As the conclusion, propofol and isoflurane combination as a long-term anesthesia had minimal effect on heart size and is a good candidate for long-term biomaterial implant placement procedures.



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Ferry Iskandar, Satria Zulkarnaen Bisri, Prof. Mikrajuddin Abdullah, Prof. Khairurrijal and Prof. Kikuo Okuyama




S. F. Siallagan et al., "Effect of Propofol and Isoflurane Long-Term Anesthesia on Rabbit’s Heart Size as Consideration for Biomaterial Implant Placement", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1112, pp. 445-448, 2015

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July 2015




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