Hybrid Fabrication of Stainless Steel Channels for Microfluidic Application


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This research develops a hybrid micromanufacturing technique by combining micromilling and electrochemical micropolishing to fabricate extremely smooth surface finish, high aspect ratio, and complex microchannel patterns. Milling with coated and uncoated ball-end micromills in minimum quantity lubrication is used to remove most materials to define a channel pattern. The milled channels are then electrochemically polished to required finish. A theoretical model accurately predicts surface finish in meso-scale milling, but not in micro-scale milling due to size effect. Electrochemical polishing using an acid-based electrolyte is applied to repeatedly produce stainless steel microchannels with average surface finish of 100 nm when measuring across grain boundaries and 10 nm within a single grain.



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Iskandar I. Yaacob, Mohammad Yeakub Ali, Iis Sopyan and Saleem Hashmi




D. Berestovskyi and N.P. Hung, "Hybrid Fabrication of Stainless Steel Channels for Microfluidic Application", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1115, pp. 33-36, 2015

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July 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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