Gamma Irradiated Starch Based Hydrogel Impregnated with Silver Nanoparticle


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Hydrogel based on petroleum polymer are expensive, non-biodegradable and non-decompose which lead them to heavy waste in environment. In this paper, biopolymer is used to overcome this problem and promote environmental friendliness and biocompatible to the human skin and impregnation of silver nanoparticle (SNP) acts as anti-bacterial which needed for this application. The hydrogel is prepared by mixing the solution of sago starch with polyvinyl alcohol solution for polymeric grafting before impregnated with the SNP and finally this solution is subjected to the gamma irradiation. The irradiated starch based hydrogels is evaluated for its swelling properties, chemical functionalities and phase analysis. The hydrogels produced from this method is observed high in transparency and swelling behaviour as well as high water absorbency.



Edited by:

Iskandar I. Yaacob, Mohammad Yeakub Ali, Iis Sopyan and Saleem Hashmi




F. Eslami et al., "Gamma Irradiated Starch Based Hydrogel Impregnated with Silver Nanoparticle", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1115, pp. 390-393, 2015

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July 2015




* - Corresponding Author