Advances in Manufacturing and Materials Engineering

Volume 1115

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: I. Lerma, M. Jimenez, I. Edinbarough, J. Krell, N.P. Hung

Abstract: This research characterizes flow of micromist for machining purpose. Liquid lubricant with contact angle less than 5° is chosen for best...

Authors: Muhammad Riza, Erry Yulian Triblas Adesta, M. Yuhan Suprianto

Abstract: Cutting temperature generated during high speed machining operations has been recognized as major factors influence tool performance and...

Authors: A.K.M. Nurul Amin, A.A. Che Omar, M.A.Mohammed Kamal, Mahmoud M.A. Nassar, N.F. Mohd Zaib, Muammer Din Arif

Abstract: Soda lime glass is used extensively in camera lens, micro gas turbines, light bulbs, tablewares, optics, and chemical apparatus owing to its...

Authors: Wan Mohd Azlan Nowalid, Muhammad Adib Shaharun, Ahmad Razlan Yusoff

Abstract: The cutting force is the main important factor contributing the machined work piece surface and in determining the acceptable cutting...

Authors: Mohammad Iqbal, Tasnim Firdaus Ariff, Mohd Shahrul Fahmi bin Mat Roseh, Muataz Hazza Faizi Al-Hazza, Irfan Hilmy, Suryanto

Abstract: The paper reports the research on the improvement of tool wear resistant of Titanium Carbide (TiC) cutting tool after microwave post...

Authors: Mohamed Konneh, Muataz Hazza Faizi Al Hazza, Atiah Abdullah Sidek, Ruhaki Huda Samsul Bahri

Abstract: This paper presents the investigation of the influence of machining parameters on delamination at entry of drilled holes after drilling into...

Authors: Mohammad Yuhan Suprianto, Erry Yulian T. Adesta, Muhammad Riza

Abstract: The aim of the present study is to investigate the influence of cutter engagement on cutting forces in end milling process of AISI H13 (48...

Authors: Mohamed Konneh, Mohammad Iqbal, Hanfi bin Ani, Mohd Zulhari bin Yayah

Abstract: As the tendency towards weight reduction and low fuel consumption seems to drive the increased use of advanced exotic materials such as...

Authors: Mohamed Konneh, Kassim A. Abdullah, Sudin Izman, Mohd Amirudin Jusoh

Abstract: : The investigation of the influence of machining parameters on delamination at exit of drilled holes after drilling into CFRP...

Authors: Roshaliza Hamidon, Erry Y.T. Adesta, Muhammad Riza

Abstract: In pocketing operation for mold and die, the variation of tool engagement angle causes variation in the cutting force and also cutting...


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