Advances in Manufacturing and Materials Engineering

Volume 1115

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Maisarah Ali, Muhd Sufian Abdullah, Siti Asmahani Saad

Abstract: The continued growth of the world construction sectors has resulted in high demand for concrete materials. The innovation of using filler as...

Authors: Nur Ezzah Faezah Othman, Yusof Abdullah, Hadi Purwanto, Khairun Hafizah Zaini

Abstract: There has been an increased interest in improving the properties of alumina ceramic to be used in nuclear applications. This paper focuses...

Authors: Maisarah Ali, Muhamad Zharif Ahmad, Siti Asmahani Saad

Abstract: Conventional concrete does not have durability and higher strength as produced by high performance concrete (HPC). It is known that the HPC...

Authors: Maisarah Ali, Mohd Syafiq Fadzil, Siti Asmahani Saad

Abstract: Fast depleting natural resources, huge consumption of energy, and environmental hazards involved in the production of cement has inspired...

Authors: Shahida Begum, Zarrin Kothadapani, Mokanaraju K. Selvaraj, Mohamed Muntasir

Abstract: Varistor with TiO2 as the base and SiO2, WO3 and Bi2O3 as dopants were investigated...

Authors: Maisarah Ali, Muhammad Hariz Nordin, Siti Asmahani Saad

Abstract: Concrete is a common material that widely used in construction industry. Excessive usage of this material causes exhaustibility to its...

Authors: Kamilu Adeyemi Bello, Maleque Md Abdul, Ahmad Zuraida, S. Mirdha

Abstract: Research in the area of alloyed deposition on ceramic particles is gaining widespread acceptance in tribology community to produce advanced...

Authors: Abdul Shafiq Khan A. Najib Khan, Nur Ezzah Faezah Othman, Hadi Purwanto, Hafasihah Abdul Halim, Ahmad Firdaus Shamsul Baharin

Abstract: Abundance in aluminum scrap metals can cause problem such as limited space allocation and pollution. The solution to solve these problems...

Authors: Adebisi Adetayo Abdulmumin, Md Abdul Maleque, Mohammad Yeakub Ali

Abstract: Metal matrix composites are attractive light weight materials with potential attributes to substitute automotive materials without sacrifing...

Authors: S.I.S. Shaharuddin, I. Ahmed, D. Furniss, A.J. Parsons, Chris D. Rudd

Abstract: In this study various compositions in the phosphate based glass (PBG) system of...


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