Recent Advances in Renewable Energy Research

Volume 1116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Neelima Mahato, Mohd Omaish Ansari, Moo Hwan Cho

Abstract: The renewable energy sources had been known to humankind since the very beginning of the human civilization, though practiced in very...

Authors: Mukhtar Bello

Abstract: Worldwide, developing countries struggle to overcome numerous problems that constrain their socio-economic development. Sub-Saharan African...

Authors: Tarek I.A. Mashreki, Mohammad Afzaal

Abstract: Nanocomposites containing inorganic semiconductor nanomaterials are of tremendous interest for low-cost 3rd generation solar...

Authors: Mohammad Kamal Hossain

Abstract: In recent decades, due to some urgent and unavoidable issues, such as increasing energy demand, climate change, global warming, etc., the...

Authors: Mohammad Kamal Hossain

Abstract: Hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) has been developed as an important materials in thin film-based photovoltaic technologies because of...

Authors: Mohammed Mumtaz A. Khan

Abstract: One of the most matured solar thermal technology commercially been used today is the solar parabolic trough power plants. With many...

Authors: Mohamed Antar

Abstract: Water desalination is receiving increasing attention due to water scarcity in many places in the world. Although two third of the earth is...

Authors: Maimoon Atif, Fahad A. Al-Sulaiman

Abstract: This chapter starts with a background about concentrating solar power systems and thermal energy storage systems and then a detailed...

Authors: Kalithasan Natarajan, Thillai Sivakumar Natarajan, Rukshana I. Kureshy, Hari C. Bajaj, Wan Kuen Jo, Rajesh J. Tayade

Abstract: Heterogeneous semiconductor based photocatalytic hydrogen (H2) production by water splitting is one of the widely recognized...


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