Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Flexural Properties of Bamboo Tali Laminate Composite


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This research was done to evaluate flexural properties (flexural strength, flexural modulus, and failure mode) of Bambu Tali (Gigantochloa Apus) composite. Lycal 1101 was used as matrix. Two types of laminate were tested in four point bending, unidirectional (00/00) s and symmetric cross ply (00/900) s. Results were then compared with numerical simulation using MSC PATRAN-NASTRAN to determine flexural strength and failure mode prediction for both specimens. All specimens were manufactured using cold press manufacturing method. Results show there was around 28% reduction in flexural strength from unidirectional specimen to symmetric cross ply. Numerical simulation results on failure mode prediction show good agreements with actual four point bending test.



Edited by:

Denni Kurniawan and Fethma M. Nor




R. R. Firly et al., "Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Flexural Properties of Bamboo Tali Laminate Composite", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1125, pp. 100-105, 2015

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October 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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