Mechanical Properties of Shielded Metal Arc Welded Low Carbon Steel: Effect of Butt Joint Type and Uncapping of Excess Weldment


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In this paper, Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) was performed on low carbon steel with three types of butt joint (i.e., square, single V, and double V) and uncapping of the weldment. The welding performance is measured based on the mechanical properties (i.e., strength and hardness). Grain size and microstructure of the weldments were also evaluated. The results show that all tested samples show similar tensile strength, which means there was no significant effect of the type of butt joint type or uncapping. The hardness of the weld metal was found to be slightly higher than that of heat affected zone and base metal, in which both showed similar hardness values. The grain size of the weld metal was also finer than that of heat affected zone and base metal. This trend in hardness and grain size on three regions of the welded sample was the same regardless of the butt joint type and whether the weldment was uncapped or not.



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Denni Kurniawan and Fethma M. Nor




T. T. B. Wardoyo et al., "Mechanical Properties of Shielded Metal Arc Welded Low Carbon Steel: Effect of Butt Joint Type and Uncapping of Excess Weldment", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1125, pp. 195-199, 2015

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October 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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