Effect of Colorant on Tensile Strength and Carbonyl Index of Oxo-Biodegradable Low-Density Polyethylene Films during Thermal Aging


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The intensive usage of polyethylene (PE) films on packaging applications has created major problems in terms of plastic waste treatment and disposal. To reduce its environmental impact, PE containing pro-oxidants (oxo-biodegradable PE) has been developed which generates carbonyl-containing degradation products when subjected to thermal and/or UV treatment. In this study, low-density PE films with varying colorants as well as thickness and pro-oxidant loading were thermally aged at 50 °C under extended time periods. Degradation responses such as tensile strength and carbonyl index (CI) were monitored with thermal aging time. After 1008 h of thermal exposure, presence of white colorant containing titanium dioxide enhanced the degradation of films as manifested by reduction in tensile strength and increase in CI. It was also found out that yellow colorant containing aromatic amine stabilizer retarded the degradation of films during thermal aging.



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Denni Kurniawan and Fethma M. Nor




R. D. Maalihan and B. B. Pajarito, "Effect of Colorant on Tensile Strength and Carbonyl Index of Oxo-Biodegradable Low-Density Polyethylene Films during Thermal Aging", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1125, pp. 235-239, 2015

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October 2015




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