Mechanical Behavior Analysis of Apus Bamboo (Gygantochloa sp) Thin Plate Composite due to Adhesive Joint and Water Absorption Using Experimental and Finite Element Method


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The mechanics of adhesive-lap joints of apus bamboo thin plate composite were investigated experimentally and numerically. Tensile load were applied to determine mechanical strength of adhesive joint overlaps. Modal analysis were employed to determine natural frequency of bamboo apus single-lap joint for different overlap and plate thickness configurations. This research found the strength of bamboo adhesive joints decreased 11% due to the effect of 24 hours water immersion. Natural frequencies of single-lap adhesive joint configuration were equivalently decreased in decreament of overlap joint and thickness plate. Finite element models using ABAQUS Software were developed for static and dynamic analysis and compared with the experimental results. Compared to experimental results, numerical analysis gives the prediction with 4% difference for the mean shear stress at failure, and 7-12% difference for the natural frequencies.



Edited by:

Denni Kurniawan and Fethma M. Nor




A. R. Mulyanto et al., "Mechanical Behavior Analysis of Apus Bamboo (Gygantochloa sp) Thin Plate Composite due to Adhesive Joint and Water Absorption Using Experimental and Finite Element Method", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1125, pp. 89-93, 2015

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October 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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