Synthesis of Nanostructural Silica Using Quaternary Ammonium Salt of Lignin as Template


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Cationic surfactant, quaternary ammonium salt of lignin, was synthesis from the lignin and trimethylamine though Mannich Reaction. Then quaternary ammonium salt of lignin was used as a novel template to prepare nanostructural silica from TEOS by sol-gel templating method. After removing the template at 580°C, nanostructural silica were obtained. The results of SEM and TEM show that there were two kinds of the silica after calcined. One is 3-dimetional macroporous silica, with the pore size of 100-200 nm. The other kind of silica is nanoparticle: the particle sizes range from 20 to 200nm and the specific surface area is 387.6 m2•g-1.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 113-116)

Edited by:

Zhenyu Du and X.B Sun




F. D. Yu et al., "Synthesis of Nanostructural Silica Using Quaternary Ammonium Salt of Lignin as Template", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 113-116, pp. 1045-1048, 2010

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June 2010




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