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Authors: Qi Cai Lin, Huai En Li
Abstract:The major problems of the Weihe River include shortage of water resources, serious water pollution and loss of water and soil. The ecological...
Authors: Mao Cai Wang, Han Ping Hu, Guang Ming Dai, Lei Pen
Abstract:In practical applications of pairing-based cryptosystems, the efficiency of pairing computation is a crucial factor. Recently, there have...
Authors: Xiao Ming Li, Ai Jie Wang
Abstract:The paper presents the economic comparing of heat pump using wastewater with other heating and cooling technology for buildings. The coal...
Authors: Meng Hu, Shao Zhong Kang, Tai Sheng Du, Ling Tong
Abstract:A reflection function was established, based on leaf gas exchange process and tested with experimental data of eight kinds of plants, i.e....
Authors: Ben Mei Wei, Zhi Yong Zhang, Zhi Qun Dai
Abstract:This study was aimed at the development of a green and reusable catalyst for Friedel-Crafts acylation. Firstly, Hydroxyapatite (HAP) and...
Authors: Xian Zhong Cheng, Cun Jie Hu, Kuang Cheng, Ben Mei Wei, Shen Cai Hu
Abstract:The thiol-functionalized eggshell membrane (TF-ESM) was prepared by esterification between thioglycolic acid (CH2SHCOOH) and...
Authors: Chao Qiang Zhu, Lin Xiu Wang
Abstract:The long-term exploitation of mineral resources, not only destroyed the natural landscape such as topography, but also triggered a series of...
Authors: Zhi Rong Liu, Qin Qin Tao, Chuan Xi Wen
Abstract:Batch tests were used to investigate the effects of pH and contact time on the adsorption capability of peat. The results indicate that...
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