Friction Properties of Waste Cooking Oil with Banana Peel Broth


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The aim of this study is to investigate the friction properties of waste cooking oil (WCO) with banana peel broth. The WCO was purified using a physical technique. Several weight percentages of 15 wt.%, 30 wt.% and 45 wt.% of banana peel broth was dispersed in WCO using ultrasonic homogenizer. Span 80, as a surfactant, were added to the blends. The tribological test was performed using a four-ball tribometer according to the ASTM standards. At early stage, between 0-1200 seconds, it was found that the presence of banana peel broth in WCO reduces the friction coefficient. However, after a certain time, the oil film breakdown and instantly increased the friction coefficient. By observation of worn surfaces, it can be suggested that WCO with 30 wt.% banana peel broth could be a good blends for this study. As a conclusion, this study proposes that the banana peel broth could improve the tribological properties of WCO in mild conditions.



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K. Noorsal




M. Z. Mohd Razi et al., "Friction Properties of Waste Cooking Oil with Banana Peel Broth", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1133, pp. 579-582, 2016

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January 2016




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