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Authors: Patricia Martinez Bueno, Marcias Martinez, Calvin Rans, Rinze Benedictus
Abstract:The primary objective of this research study was to evaluate the capabilities for measuring strain of a composite UAV wing with an embedded...
Authors: A.E. Treml, R.F. Gouvêa, R.C.M. Sales, M.V. Donadon, José Divo Bressan
Abstract:An experimental and numerical study on interlaminar thermal fatigue induced delamination in unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced laminate...
Authors: Rita de Cássia Mendonça Sales, Bianca Lis Rossi Dias Endo, Maurício Vicente Donadon
Abstract:Composite materials have been increasingly used in the aerospace industry for the manufacturing of structures, because of the associated...
Authors: Carlos V. Opelt, Christiane S.R. Souza, José Maria F. Marlet, Geraldo M. Cândido, Mirabel C. Rezende
Abstract:The composite prepreg waste is still an environmental challenge. In the last decade, several researchers have been studying the recycling and...
Authors: Samia Danuta Brejão de Souza, Ana Beatriz R.M. Abrahão, Michelle Leali Costa, José Maria F. Marlet, Luis Rogerio O. Hein, Edson C. Botelho
Abstract:An experimental investigation of the resistance welding of PPS/carbon fiber is presented in this manuscript. Currently, one of the main...
Authors: Alberto Lima Santos, Edson Cocchieri Botelho, Konstantin Georgiev Kostov, Mario Ueda, Leide Lili G. da Silva
Abstract:This paper is focused on the processing of thermoplastic composite materials obtained from carbon fibers (CFs) treated by plasma assisted...
Authors: L.S. Leao, Maurício Vicente Donadon, A.M.G. de Lima, A.G.C. Filho
Abstract:This paper presents a numerical study on the influence of multimodal shunt circuit parameters in the flutter velocity of a typical section...
Authors: Luiza de Castro Folgueras, Mauro Angelo Alves, Mirabel C. Rezende
Abstract:The knowledge of how to process composite materials and combine them with radiation absorbing centers, using different components, additives...
Authors: Carlos E. Chaves, Caio Magno de Assunção
Abstract:Integral structures offer large benefits in terms of manufacturing cost, but suffer from a lower degree of fail safety when compared to...
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