Advances in Abrasive Technology XVIII

Volume 1136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong De Shi, Amr Elfizy, Helmi Attia

Abstract: A process for grinding deep profiled slots in a nickel-based alloy with electroplated cubic boron nitride (CBN) wheels and straight oil is...

Authors: Yun Guang Zhou, Ya Dong Gong, Yang Sun, Zhong Xiao Zhu, Qi Gao

Abstract: This paper uses micro-grinding tool with 500# grains and 0.9 mm diameter to grind nickel-based superalloy Inconel600 through three...

Authors: P. Suya Prem Anand, N. Arunachalam, L. Vijayaraghavan

Abstract: In recent development of dental restoration, zirconia has been used as a prosthetic material due to their enhanced properties of fracture...

Authors: Xue Long Wen, Ya Dong Gong, Yao Sun, Jun Cheng, De Chun Ba

Abstract: Micro-grinding is an important processing method in micro-manufacturing field. The influence factors of surface quality in micro-grinding...

Authors: He Wang, Ke Zhang, Yu Hou Wu, Hong Song

Abstract: The zirconia parts are limited by machined surface quality. The grinding force is one of the most important parameters of grinding and has...

Authors: Hai Tao Ren, Xiao Fei Song, Xiao Feng Zhang

Abstract: Oral adjusting of ceramic prostheses involving abrasive machining using dental high-speed rotary cutting instruments is a central process in...

Authors: Ya Xiong Chen, Yun Huang, Gui Jian Xiao, Gui Lin Chen, Zhi Wu Liu, Xiu Mei Liu

Abstract: In abrasive belt grinding, abrasive belt granularity, abrasive belt speed,feeding speed and grinding force have a great influence on the...

Authors: Xun Chen, Hao Lin Li, Hao Yang Cao, James Wharton, David Allanson, Zhi Qing Hu

Abstract: Structural textural surfaces are those surfaces that have designed feature intended to give specific functional performance. In the last few...

Authors: Kazuya Kato, Yukio Maeda, Hideaki Tanaka

Abstract: Cylindrical parts with a protrusion are expected to be used in the components of consumer electronics and automotive products. The machining...


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