Material Processing Technologies

Volume 1137

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jasmaninder Singh Grewal, Buta Singh Sidhu, Satya Prakash

Abstract: In the manuscript conventional and nanostructured nitrided coatings developed to increase hardness and to improve the wear, erosion and...

Authors: Rupinder Singh, R. Sharma

Abstract: The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of cryogenic treated electrodes on the sensitization of ‘304 SS’ in resistance spot...

Authors: Jasmaninder Singh Grewal, Buta Singh Sidhu, Satya Prakash

Abstract: In the present work TiAlN coatings were deposited by plasma spray process as titanium aluminium based nitride (Ti, Al)N coatings possess...

Authors: Sanjeev Kumar, Rupinder Singh, Ajay Batish, T.P. Singh

Abstract: In electrical discharge machining (EDM) process, electrode polarity plays an important role during machining operation. This paper addresses...

Authors: Jatender Pal Singh, Pulak M. Pandey

Abstract: In this study parts having Open Cell Porous Regular Interconnected Metallic Structure (OCPRIMS) of cubic unit cell and OCPRIMS with inner...

Authors: Ravinder Kataria, Jatinder Kumar

Abstract: Ultrasonic machining is a contemporary manufacturing method usually employed for processing materials with higher hardness/brittleness such...

Authors: Ravinder Kataria, Jatinder Kumar, B.S. Pabla

Abstract: WC-Co composite materials possess a vast range of industrial applications owing to their excellent properties such as superior hardness,...

Authors: Sukhpal Singh Chatha, Hazoor S. Sidhu, Buta Singh Sidhu

Abstract: In the present investigation, 75Cr3C2-25NiCr coating was deposited on T91 boiler tube steel substrate by high velocity...

Authors: Rajesh Kumar, Rupinder Singh, I.P.S. Ahuja

Abstract: The purpose of this investigation is to develop a mathematical model for predicting the influence of casting parameters on hardness of non...

Authors: Kamaljit Singh Boparai, Sandeep Singh, Amritpal Singh

Abstract: Modeling and optimization of machining parameters are the indispensable elements in modern metal cutting processes. The present study...


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