Innovative Technologies for Joining Advanced Materials VIII

Volume 1138

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gabriela Ianculescu, Lucia Violeta Melnic, Marian Andrei Gurău

Abstract: In the paper there are presented experimental results concerning mechanical characteristics of friction-welded joints in comparison with...

Authors: Tatyana L. Rakitskaya, Alla S. Truba, A.A. Ennan, V.Ya. Volkova

Abstract: Catalytic properties of the solid component of welding aerosol (SCWA) of different origin, both in powder form and incorporated in synthetic...

Authors: Miodrag Arsić, Srđan Bošnjak, Vencislav Grabulov, Mladen Mladenović, Zoran Savić

Abstract: Vertical Kaplan turbines, manufactured in Russia and with nominal power of 200 MW, have been installed in 6 hydroelectric generating units...

Authors: Mihailo Mrdak, Nikola Bajić, Marko Rakin, Darko Veljić, Zoran Karastojković, Zoran Radosavljević

Abstract: The paper presents test results of a new quality of a special rutile electrode, with a core of flux-cored wire made from local raw...

Authors: Victor Verbiţchi, Radu Cojocaru, Lia Nicoleta Boţilă, Cristian Ciucă

Abstract: For the examination of noxious emissions, cladding tests were performed according to EN ISO 6847. The filler materials were 1.2 mm diameter...

Authors: Maria Cristina Dijmarescu, Dumitru Titi Cicic, Corneliu Rontescu, Gheorhe Solomon

Abstract: The reactions of the base material, during the welding process, consist in chemical composition, volume, structure and granulation changes....

Authors: Calin Truta, Marin Ciocanescu, Adrian Amzoi

Abstract: Nuclear experimental instrumentation frequently includes the usage of thin-walled (metallic sheathed) thermocouples passing through the...

Authors: László Prém, Zoltán Bézi, András Balogh

Abstract: In this paper spot-welding technology of sheets made of Dual-Phase (DP) steel, which is one of the most important materials in the...

Authors: Marek Slováček, Josef Tejc, Mojmír Vaněk

Abstract: Welding as a modern, highly efficient production technology found its position in almost all industries. At the same time the demands on the...


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