Sustainable Materials Science and Technology

Volume 1139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bernadette Elliott-Bowman, Alexander C. Cook, Peter Brown, David Dye, Rong Shan Qin

Abstract: Electropulsing treatment was applied to high carbon pearlitic steel to assess the effects of the treatment on microstructure and properties....

Authors: Lkhagvaa Telmenbayar, Jadambaa Temuujin

Abstract: The thermal reactions of mechanically milled wolframite and thermal coal mixtures have been investigated using Differential thermal analysis...

Authors: Rustam Hairullin, Anna Kozelskaya, Marina Kazachenok

Abstract: The grain size effect on surface morphology, microstructure and mechanical properties of commercial purity titanium specimens subjected to...

Authors: Stefano Capuzzi, Giulio Timelli, Leonardo Capra, Luca Romano

Abstract: The influence of the salt quantity on the recovery yield of aluminium scrap was studied considering an heterogeneous charge. The analysed...

Authors: Pello Jimbert, M. Iturrondobeitia, R. Fernandez-Martinez, T. Guraya, J. Ibarretxe

Abstract: The present work describes a methodology to implement microstructural data obtained from TEM tomography into finite element (FE) simulation...

Authors: Jadambaa Temuujin, Claus Ruescher, Amgalan Minjigmaa, Burenkhangai Darkhijav, Batmunkh Davaabal, Bat Erdene Battsetseg

Abstract: Efflorescences formed on the surface of air (ambient) and elevated (70°C) temperatures cured high calcium fly ash based geopolymer type...

Authors: Verónica Elizabeth Capdevila, María Cristina Gely, Viatcheslav Kafarov, Ana María Pagano

Abstract: The aim of this report is to introduce a simulation model of the process of obtaining second-generation bioethanol from waste food industry...

Authors: María Fernanda Laborde, Medardo Serna Gonzalez, Ana María Pagano, María Cristina Gely

Abstract: The objective in this study was to conduct a technical-economic study of the esterification process of used vegetable oils (UVOs) for the...

Authors: Lidia Benea, Eliza Dănăilă, Valentin Marian Dumitraşcu

Abstract: Vegetable extracts have become important as an environmentally acceptable, readily available and renewable source for wide range of...


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