Basic Numerical Analysis of a “Samanta” Based Forward Extrusion Process


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Cold forging enables industrial mass production of steel based components characterized by high strength and precision. The present study focuses on the FE-based analysis of a forward extrusion process. The investigated process is the so called “Samanta”-process. In practice, this is also refered to extrusion in package. During the forming, multiple blanks are pressed sequentially through a die. The results reveal the process-specific "crown-shaped" area in the upper end region of the components. Furthermore, the tribological conditions reveal a great influence on the resulting component properties.



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Jens P. Wulfsberg, Marc Fette, Tobias Montag






C. Kiener et al., "Basic Numerical Analysis of a “Samanta” Based Forward Extrusion Process", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1140, pp. 27-34, 2016

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August 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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