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Authors: Sonal Thakore, Puran Singh Rathore
Abstract:Organic modification and surface functionalization of nanomaterials offers wide spectrum of materials which can be employed for several...
Authors: D.K. Patel, S.K. Ambavale, K.J. Prajapati, A.C. Sharma
Abstract:We have investigated dynamical conductivity of graphene based systems; Single Layer Graphene (SLG), Bilayer Graphene (BLG) and Single Layer...
Authors: Kamakshi Patel, M.P. Deshpande, Vivek P. Gujarati, S.H. Chaki
Abstract:Size-controlled silver nanoparticles are prepared at two different heating time duration (30 and 60min) under conventional heating at 80 ̊C...
Authors: Prajakta Joge, Dinesh K. Kanchan
Abstract:In the present study, two different PVA-PEO nanocomposite blend polymer electrolyte systems viz., System-I:...
Authors: R.H. Joshi, D.D. Satikunvar, Nisarg K. Bhatt, Brijmohan Y. Thakore, Ashvin R. Jani
Abstract:A newly proposed pseudopotential has been put forwardwith a novel scheme of determining potential parameters. Based on the criteria that the...
Authors: Amit B. Patel, Nisarg K. Bhatt, Brijmohan Y. Thakore
Abstract:We present the calculation of structural properties for liquid Ga at different temperatures using pseudopotential theory. The temperature...
Authors: Ankur Pandya, Satyam Shinde, Prafulla K. Jha
Abstract:The electron mobility is calculated for h-BN nanosheets (h-BNNSs) and graphene with and without doping of manganese at high electric fields...
Authors: Ashok K. Ahirwar, Mahendra Aynyas, Yeshvir Singh Panwar, Sankar P. Sanyal
Abstract:A theoretical study of first order pressure induced structural phase transition, mechanical and thermal properties of YBi and ScBi compounds...
Authors: Swati Dubey, Ayushi Paliwal, S. Ghosh
Abstract:In polar semiconductor materials, LO phonons produce a macroscopic electric field, which interacts with the electrons. This coupling of long...
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