Thermal and Optical Properties of Glycine Crystals with Additives of Nitrates


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Semi-organic crystals of Glycine Sodium nitrate Calcium nitrate (GSC) with two different molar ratios were grown using slow evaporation technique. Crystals of size 22 × 16 mm were obtained within time period of 3-4 weeks at ambient temperature. The compositional study and purity of the crystals were determined using Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis (EDAX) and CHN Analyzer. Surface of the crystals was studied at micrometer scale with optical microscopy. These crystals were characterized by powder X-ray diffraction and indexing of diffraction pattern was done based on monoclinic system. We also studied thermal properties of these crystals using TGA/DTA/DTG analysis. From UV-Vis spectra we could observe wide transparency window from these crystals in the visible region, which can be useful for opto-electronic applications.



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A.C. Sharma, Prasanna. S. Ghalsasi and Prafulla. K. Jha




V. P. Gujarati et al., "Thermal and Optical Properties of Glycine Crystals with Additives of Nitrates", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1141, pp. 136-141, 2016

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August 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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