Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials

Volume 1143

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gheorghe Buluc, Iulia Florea, Romeu Chelariu, Oana Rusu, Ioan Carcea

Abstract: In this paper it is presented the microstructure and wear resistance of FeNiCrMnCu high entropy alloy. High entropy alloys are composed by...

Authors: Maria Baciu, Elena Raluca Baciu, Ramona Cimpoeşu, Irina Gradinaru

Abstract: The investigations conducted aimed at determining the microstructural and chemical modifications produced in a Ni-Cr-Mo alloy following...

Authors: Florentina Potecaşu, Octavian Potecaşu, Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes, Petrică Alexandru, Alexandru Alexa

Abstract: This study presents the result of the researches regarding the obtaining of NiTi alloy through powder metallurgy (PM) as a possible...

Authors: Tamara Radu

Abstract: The Ni-P coatings on steel strips were obtained by electroless method. Experiments were performed at three pHs, respectively: 6.6; 5.11 and...

Authors: Lucica Balint, Gina Genoveva Istrate

Abstract: Research has shown the relationship among hardness, usage and corrosion resistance Ni-P-Al2O3 composite coatings on...

Authors: Liviu Gurau, Carmela Gurau, Gheorghe Gurau

Abstract: The contribution of this paper is to provide the effect of chemical composition on both cost and mechanical properties for steel used to...

Authors: Anisoara Ciocan, Beatrice Tudor

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to analyze the making technology of clean steel used in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. The steel...

Authors: Costel Durduc-Roibu, Elena Drugescu

Abstract: The research examines the improvements of mechanical properties of yield strength and toughness for an optimized chemical composition B2...

Authors: Elena Scutelnicu, Carmen Catalina Rusu, Bogdan Georgescu, Octavian Mircea, Melat Bormambet

Abstract: The paper addresses the development of advanced welding technologies with two and three solid wires for joining of HSLA API-5l X70...


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