New Joining Techniques for the Production of the Electrical Components in the Automotive Industry


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In the paper are presented some preliminary results regarding the possibilities of using of the friction stir welding process (FSW) and FSW assisted with TIG (FSW – TIG) welding for joining of the electrical components in the automotive industry. Couples of dissimilar materials approached in experiments were Aluminium EN AW 1200 and Copper Cu99, with thicknesses in conformity with real cases in the production process. The results obtained for butt welding an overlap welding of different thicknesses of materials (aluminium thickness s1 = 2mm and copper thickness s2 = 5mm) are presented. There are some general conclusions regarding the possibilities of joining the two materials under the specified conditions.



Edited by:

Nicușor Alin Sîrbu and Aurel Valentin Bîrdeanu




R. Cojocaru et al., "New Joining Techniques for the Production of the Electrical Components in the Automotive Industry", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1146, pp. 98-105, 2018

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April 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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