Monte Carlo Simulation of Photon-Skeletal Muscle Interaction in Human Tissue Model


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We have investigated a possibility of photon propagation into the human tissue model (skin, fat, and skeletal muscle) by Monte Carlo method using Matlab program. There were some parameters of each tissue layer effecting on the light packet, for instance the absorption coefficient, scattering coefficient, anisotropy factor and thickness. It was found that the photon distribution on the surface of the human tissue and photon penetration into the human tissue under the propagation of 100,000 photons were - 0.8580 cm to + 0.7030 cm (served as two detection points) and 0.7220 cm respectively. Therefore, the simulation result gave the photon penetration depth of 0.2220 cm at the skeletal muscle. These numbers could be primarily used as a standard for design and construction of the tissue diagnostic instrument.



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Prof. Mosbeh Kaloop




G. Kaewboonrueng et al., "Monte Carlo Simulation of Photon-Skeletal Muscle Interaction in Human Tissue Model", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1147, pp. 12-17, 2018

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May 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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