Effect of Variation of Injection Moulding Parameters on Static and Dynamic Material Characteristics of Filled Polymer Materials


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A Continuum (filled polymer) is inhomogeneous and anisotropic. The Continuum is used in an injection moulding simulation at first (generally unnewton type of fluid). Then the continuum is solid (after cooling) and it is possible to carry out ordinary structural analysis with it both static and dynamic. The solid continuum has different mechanical properties for each of discrete element. The consequent values of mechanical characteristics (after simulation of load) will generally have different values when influence of injection moulding is taken into account for analyses.



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Prof. Mosbeh Kaloop




V. Contos, "Effect of Variation of Injection Moulding Parameters on Static and Dynamic Material Characteristics of Filled Polymer Materials", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1147, pp. 42-47, 2018

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May 2018





* - Corresponding Author

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