The Influence of «DORLUK» Impregnation on Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of Asphalt Pavements


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The article shows results of the influence of "DORLUK" impregnation on physical and mechanical characteristics of asphalt concrete pavement. "DORLUK" impregnation is produced by "Scientific-Production Enterprise" Plant Innovation Industrial Equipment" ("SPE "PIIE"). The impregnation was tested on the section of road «1P-193 from Voronezh to Tambov». The research of the additive’s effectiveness was carried out according to the following characteristics of asphalt-concrete samples: density, water saturation, water resistance, water permeability, fatigue strength. According to the findings the application of the "DORLUK" impregnation results in a significant decrease in the water saturation of asphalt concrete samples by 36%, and also in water permeability decrease under the pressure by 3-4 min. Reducing the water saturation and water permeability of asphalt concrete with impregnation will reduce the negative impact of water on the strength characteristics of asphalt concrete. It is important to note that the impregnation has no negative effect on the fatigue strength of asphalt concrete samples, since the amount of cycles of samples with impregnation and without it is the same.



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Prof. Mosbeh Kaloop




V. V. Yadykina et al., "The Influence of «DORLUK» Impregnation on Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of Asphalt Pavements", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1147, pp. 48-52, 2018

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May 2018




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