Magnetic Non-Destructive Evaluation of Softening of Cold Rolled Low Carbon IF Steel


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Electromagnetic techniques such as Magnetic Hysteresis Loop and Barkhausen Emission are applied to determine recovery and recrystallization in low carbon IF steel. Isothermal annealing at 450 and 620°C are carried to promote recovery and recrystallization. In present study, the magnetic non-destructive parameters such as coercivity and magnetic Barkhausen noise signal measurements, recovery and onset of recrystallization are monitored for annealing treatments. Mechanical softening is very small changes than magnetic softening at 450°C, while at 620°C, both the parameters are sensitive. Microstructure analysis examined through Optical microscopy at each annealing temperature in order to determine recovery and recrystallization. Keywords: IF steel, Recrystallization, MHL, MBE, Hardness, Optical microscopy



Edited by:

Swami Naidu Gurugubelli and K Siva Prasad




S. Dutta et al., "Magnetic Non-Destructive Evaluation of Softening of Cold Rolled Low Carbon IF Steel", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1148, pp. 187-192, 2018

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June 2018




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