Effect of Blast Furnace Slag and Red Mud Reinforcements on the Mechanical Properties of AA2024 Hybrid Composites


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In the present days, hybrid metal matrix composites exhibit the better mechanical properties when compared with the uni-reinforced metal matrix composites. Due the light weight and improved mechanical properties these materials find the better applications in the area of aerospace and automobiles. The present investigation aims to evaluate the mechanical properties of Aluminum 2024 T351 reinforced with Blast Furnace Slag and Red Mud. Composites with industrial wastes like blast furnace slag and red mud as reinforcements are likely to overcome the cost barrier for wide spread applications. Blast Furnace Slag particulates are reinforced in AA2024 by decreasing 4 to 1% by weight. Red Mud particulates are reinforced in AA2024 by increasing 1 to 4% by weight. The composites are synthesized by using the stir casting technique. The mechanical properties are optimized for the composite with 2% Blast furnace slag and 3% Red Mud. Micro structural studies carried out using SEM, reveals the uniform distribution of the reinforcement in the matrix phase.



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Swami Naidu Gurugubelli and K Siva Prasad




G. Siva Karuna et al., "Effect of Blast Furnace Slag and Red Mud Reinforcements on the Mechanical Properties of AA2024 Hybrid Composites", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1148, pp. 29-36, 2018

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June 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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