Research on Web-Based Virtual Grinding Machine Tool


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With the development of Virtual Manufacturing (VM), Virtual Machine Tool (VMT) is presented as a new field of study, which can partially or completely achieve the main functions of the machine tool. As a result, it can improve the product design quality, short the product development cycles, and reduce the development costs. This paper presents a web-based virtual grinding machine tool system. Using the Internet 3D modeling language VRML 2.0, 3D graphic modeling of the machine tool is modeled. Combined with JavaScript language, the motion simulation, virtual assembly and machining process simulation are carried out. The system is based on VRML and B/S structure. Users only need to install a free plug-in, and operate the system with IE browser. Compared with the expensive CAD/CAM software, the system can be transferred on the Internet conveniently, and has free installation, low cost, portability and low requirements for the users.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 118-120)

Edited by:

L.Y. Xie, M.N. James, Y.X. Zhao and W.X. Qian






P. Guan et al., "Research on Web-Based Virtual Grinding Machine Tool", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 118-120, pp. 825-829, 2010

Online since:

June 2010




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