Evaluation Method Research on the Interior Design Based on M (1 2 3)


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The interior design is used to create functional, reasonable, comfortable and beautiful environment to meet the material and spiritual needs of people, which is based on the building nature of environment and the corresponding standards for usness of material and technical means and principles of architectural aesthetics. Meanwhile, good interior design is an important symbol which stands for an interior designer standards and levels. By analyzing the research status, content and factor analysis of interior design, this article used the membership change to analysis the interior design, and then we can get an evaluation method to evaluate the interior design. Though evaluating the results, we can easily modify the interior design and interior design development.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 121-122)

Edited by:

Donald C. Wunsch II, Honghua Tan, Dehuai Zeng, Qi Luo




X. X. Geng and Y. C. Wang, "Evaluation Method Research on the Interior Design Based on M (1 2 3)", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 121-122, pp. 379-384, 2010

Online since:

June 2010




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