Improvement of Apriori Algorithm Based on the User Interest and the Importance of Itemsets


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Among the many mining algorithms of association rules, Apriori Algorithm is a classical algorithm that has caused the most discussion; it can effectively carry out the mining association rules. However, based on Apriori Algorithm, most of the traditional algorithms existed "item sets generation bottleneck" problem, and are very time-consuming. An enhance algorithm associating which is based on the user interest and the importance of itemsets is put forward by the paper, incorporate item that user is interested in into the itemsets as a seed item, then scan the database, incorporate all other items which are in the same transaction into itemsets, Construct user interest itemsets, reduce unnecessary itemsets; through the design of the support functions algorithm not only considered the frequency of itemsets, but also consider different importance between different itemsets. The new algorithm reduces the storage space, improves the efficiency and accuracy of the algorithm.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 121-122)

Edited by:

Donald C. Wunsch II, Honghua Tan, Dehuai Zeng, Qi Luo






Y. S. He and X. Li, "Improvement of Apriori Algorithm Based on the User Interest and the Importance of Itemsets", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 121-122, pp. 540-545, 2010

Online since:

June 2010





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