Evaluation of Polished Surface for Viscoelastic Polymer


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Viscoelastic polymers are used as one of coating materials for protecting the products from scratches. Presently, the repair of the coating surface for removing dust or extraneous matters has been performed through several polishing processes. However, it becomes increasingly difficult to polish its surface by only applying good skill and experience of skilled worker because a leading-edge viscoelastic polymer for coating is further scratch-resistant. Thus, based on quantitative evaluation of relation between polishing process and finished surface, it is necessary to make the polishing process appropriate for the leading-edge viscoelastic polymers. In this study, we attempt to establish the evaluation method of the polished surface and clarify the surface condition with invisible scratches.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 126-128)

Edited by:

Yunn-Shiuan Liao, Chao-Chang A. Chen, Choung-Lii Chao and Pei-Lum Tso






T. Kubo et al., "Evaluation of Polished Surface for Viscoelastic Polymer", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 126-128, pp. 493-498, 2010

Online since:

August 2010




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