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Authors: Yasser M. Ali, Philip Mathew, Jun Wang
Abstract:Most existing models for abrasive jet machining (AJM) are based on erosion models for either ductile or brittle materials. This...
Authors: Wu Sheng Luo, Cheng Yong Wang, Yue Xian Song, Yan Pei Liao
Abstract:We compared the characteristics and polishing effect of abrasive suspension slurry jets with and without high polymer added. Results show...
Authors: Hideaki Tanaka, Hiromu Chiba, Takehisa Yoshikawa, K. Iwatsuka, Yukio Maeda
Abstract:In the lapping of magnetic heads and other electronic components composed of multiple materials, differences in the processing...
Authors: Xun Chen, Tahsin Tecelli Öpöz
Abstract:The paper presents an investigation of grinding material removal mechanism using finite element method. Understanding of grinding removal...
Authors: Vu Ngoc Pi, Tran Minh Duc
Abstract:This paper introduces a study on a multi-objective optimization problem of abrasive blasting systems. The aim of the study is to find the...
Authors: Quan Lai Li, Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang, Hong Tao Zhu, Zeng Wen Liu
Abstract:Micro abrasive air jet machining technology is being increasingly used in the fields of micro cutting. Since the aspect ratio is a major...
Authors: Berend Denkena, Luis de Leon, Leif Behrens
Abstract:Five-axis-grinding is a process, which merges high surface quality and high shape accuracy for high precision machining of multiple curved...
Authors: Ya Dong Gong, Jian Qiu, Yue Ming Liu, Jun Cheng
Abstract:Super high-speed point grinding is a good performance grinding with high surface quality due to its low force. To model point grinding forces...
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