Study of Access Algorithms in Wireless Network


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The measure to improve the performance of the wireless network channel is of great significance to the building in the wireless network. Due to IPv6 Agreement is the agreement for the next generation network and the core of it, IPHC header compression technology provides IPv6 basic headers and expanding headers with a good support, so we adopt IPHC header compression scheme which groups the data that need to transmitting, introduce retransmission mechanism and header request mechanism to make IPHC have much compression effect on headers. But IPHC header compression scheme is hard on signal channel, it required that loss rate of transportation link is a little lower. In order to let IPHC better adapt to wireless link, compression based on link state is offered: Using simple portioned Markov model to check channel error rate, adopting RTS/CTS access mechanism to search for link state. Apply OPNET simulation software to imitate and finally achieve the desired target. In past two decades, computer network got rapid development, with the application of computers wider and wider. But because of being limited by areas and time, users couldn’t surf on the Internet, communicate with each other, and transport messages at any time and at any place. In this case, the wireless network developed, wireless network technology also produced therewith. Computer wireless network technology included IEEE802.11 collection [1], bluetooth technology, infrared technology, and broadband wireless technology afterwards and so on. Wireless communication technology contained CDMA, GSM, etc [2-5]. According to access ways, wireless access technology was divided into fixed wireless access technology and mobile wireless access technology with many small parts. Wireless access system consisted of wireless base station, wireless base station controller, operation maintenance center and user units. User units which contained single units and multiunits were connected directly with user terminals. Base station, which provided signal-sending and signal-receiving services for users in one district, was controlled by the controller called center station facility to provide an interface with base station side and operation maintenance center, wireless signal channel control and base station monitor, complete the connection of exchanges and routers. Operation control centre is responsible for operating and maintaining wireless access system machines and managing daily network operations.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 129-131)

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Xie Yi and Li Mi






C. J. Zou "Study of Access Algorithms in Wireless Network", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 129-131, pp. 1286-1290, 2010

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August 2010






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