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Authors: Lan Yun Li, Zhuan Zhao Yang, Zhi He
Abstract:. A novel fault diagnosis method for centrifugal compressor was proposed by using entropy- based fuzzy gray relational analysis (EF-GRA)....
Authors: Jin Dong Zhang, Gui He Qin, Yong Ping Huang, Xiao Long Zhang
Abstract:For developing motor driven automated mechanical transmission of hybrid electrical vehicle, adjust and control the gear selecting motor, the...
Authors: Jin Dong Zhang, Gui He Qin, Xu Zhou, Bing Xu, Zhao Xia Chen
Abstract:In order to improve the reliability and comfortableness of driving, network used in automobile air-condition control system have been studied...
Authors: Jin Dong Zhang, Gui He Qin, Bing Xu, Huang Shui Hu, Zhao Xia Chen
Abstract:Perfect automotive air conditioner system can be improved to ensure pleasant air environment in a variety of external conditions, the driver...
Authors: Ting Rui Liu, Yong Sheng Ren
Abstract:Based on a laminated composite structure, vibration and nonlinear stall aeroelastic stability of rotor blades modeled as anisotropic...
Authors: Kai Zheng, Xing Hui Dong
Abstract:This paper presents the results of experimental analysis and theoretical modeling of piezoelectric stack actuators. The focus of this paper...
Authors: Qing Jiang Chen, Fang Lin
Abstract:The frame theory has been one of powerful tools for researching into wavelets. The notion of the bivariate generalized multiresolution...
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