Acoustic Emission Testing

Volumes 13-14

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Allen T. Green

Abstract: The author has been involved in acoustic emission technology (AET) for over forty years, since 1962. Activity in AET for these many years...

Authors: Kanji Ono

Abstract: This paper reviews various approach used in acoustic emission (AE) testing of structures so that further improvements can be realized in...

Authors: C.K. Lee, Jonathan J. Scholey, Paul D. Wilcox, M.R. Wisnom, Michael I. Friswell, B.W. Drinkwater

Abstract: Acoustic emission (AE) testing is an increasingly popular technique used for nondestructive evaluation (NDE). It has been used to detect...

Authors: Rhys Pullin, Karen M. Holford, S.L. Evans, M.G. Baxter

Abstract: Acoustic emission (AE) monitoring was performed on an aluminium landing gear component that was undergoing testing to investigate its...

Authors: Leonard M. Rogers

Abstract: The paper describes a methodology for the reliable detection of incipient damage due to fatigue, fretting and false brinelling in large,...

Authors: Trevor J. Holroyd

Abstract: The use of AE by maintenance personnel for monitoring the condition of rotating machinery on the industrial shop floor is now well...

Authors: Rhys Pullin, Pete T. Theobald, Karen M. Holford, S.L. Evans

Abstract: This paper presents the findings of an investigation to determine theoretically and empirically the wave speeds and frequency content of...

Authors: Marvin A. Hamstad

Abstract: Acoustic emission (AE) practitioners routinely use surface pencil lead breaks (monopoles) to observe expected AE signal characteristics. In...

Authors: Paul D. Wilcox, C.K. Lee, Jonathan J. Scholey, Michael I. Friswell, M.R. Wisnom, B.W. Drinkwater

Abstract: Acoustic emission (AE) techniques have obvious attractions for structural health monitoring (SHM) due to their extreme sensitivity and low...

Authors: Michal Blahacek, M. Chlada, Z. Prevorovský

Abstract: Good knowledge of acoustic emission (AE) source location is the basic requirement for further damage mechanism characterization....


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