Acoustic Emission Testing

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Antolino Gallego, Jose F. Gil, J.M. Vico, Enrique Díaz Barriga-Castro, J.E. Ruzzante, Rosa Piotrkowski

Abstract: Wavelet analysis and bispectrum was applied to Acoustic Emission (AE) signals from scratch tests on corroded hot-dip galvanized samples in...

Authors: Pete T. Theobald, F. Dar

Abstract: This paper proposes a method for both the out-of-plane and in-plane displacement sensitivity calibration of an acoustic emission (AE)...

Authors: Rong Sheng Chen, J.M. Burns, Timothy P. Bradshaw, P.T. Cole, P. Jarman, R. Theobald, D. Pedder, G.F. Fernando

Abstract: A novel fibre optic sensor system has been developed for detection of acoustic emission. The sensor design was based on a 2×2 fused tapered...

Authors: Jan Zizka, Petr Hana, L. Hamplova, Z. Motycka

Abstract: Development of modern society is converging to a status where many human actions can be performed by machines. To achieve production...

Authors: Hiroaki Noma, E. Ushijima, Y. Ooishi, Morito Akiyama, N. Miyoshi, K. Kishi, Tatsuo Tabaru, I. Ohshima, A. Kakami, T. Kamohara

Abstract: Aluminum nitride (AlN) is a promising Acoustic Emission (AE) sensor element for high-temperature environments such as gas turbines and...

Authors: James J. Hensman, C.V. Cristodaro, Gareth Pierce, Keith Worden

Abstract: An acoustic emission test was simulated using a three point bend specimen and an artificial AE source. Waveform data was recorded as the...

Authors: Gerold Lackner, Peter Tscheliesnig

Abstract: Acoustic emission testing (AT) is in Europe an already well established non-destructive testing (NDT) method. Qualification requirements as...

Authors: B.S. Kabanov, Victor P. Gomera, V.L. Sokolov, V.P. Fedorov, A.A. Okhotnikov

Abstract: The main obstacle which prevents the rapid spread of Acoustic Emission (AE) testing on refinery structures in Russia is the complexity of...

Authors: Václav Svoboda, F. Žemlička, M. Brumovský

Abstract: Contribution contains an application of acoustic emission method during instability and growth of fatigue crack in reactor pressure vessel...

Authors: Franz Rauscher

Abstract: It is known that the basic mechanism of fatigue crack growth in ductile pressure vessel steels, which is repetitive blunting and...


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