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Authors: P.T. Cole, J.R. Watson
Abstract:Corrosion is the major cause of structural degradation in industrial plant and structures; the consequences of not identifying its presence...
Authors: Salah-Eddine Mechraoui, S. Amami, A. Laksimi, S. Benmedakhene
Authors: Akio Yonezu, Hideo Cho, Mikio Takemoto
Abstract:This paper discusses the mechanism of chloride SCC of sensitized and non-sensitized Type-304 stainless steel based on the data obtained by...
Authors: Timothy P. Bradshaw, Mark J. Eaton, Rhys Pullin, S.L. Evans, C.A. Featherston
Abstract:Eight composite plates 400x410x2.15mm were fabricated from carbon/epoxy in ((0,90)4)s lay-up. To ensure there was no damage in the plates...
Authors: Mark J. Eaton, Karen M. Holford, C.A. Featherston, Rhys Pullin
Abstract:The presence of impact damage in a carbon fibre composite can reduce its capacity to support an in-plane load, which can lead to an...
Authors: Juergen Bohse, Georg W. Mair, Pavel Novak
Abstract:AE studies were performed considering pressure cylinders of design1 Type II – metallic liner with hoop composite wrapping, Type III –...
Authors: M.R. Venturini Autieri, Janice M. Dulieu-Barton
Abstract:Some initial studies for an AE characterisation of damage in composites are presented in this paper. A PAC AE PCI-2 based system and four...
Authors: Manabu Enoki, Satoshi Nishinoiri
Abstract:An AE measurement system that uses a laser interferometer has been developed to evaluate microfractures at elevated temperatures in various...
Authors: Nadimul Haque Faisal, John A. Steel, Rehan Ahmed, R.L. Reuben, G. Heaton, Bryan Allcock
Abstract:This research aims to characterise and quantify the acoustic emission (AE) generated during the high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) thermal...
Authors: Jan Crha, J. Havlíček, Jiri Molínek, Petr Kozelský
Abstract:The paper summarizes the experiences acquired from on-line acoustic emission monitoring (herafter AE) of heavy castings during their...
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