Structure Sensitivity of Sol-Gel Alkali Tantalates, ATaO3 (A= Li, Na and K): Acetone Gas Phase Condensation


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Perovskite-type compounds such as alkali tantalates, ATaO3 (A = Li, Na and K), prepared by the sol-gel method are reported as heterogeneous basic catalysts for the acetone aldol condensation. It has been proposed that the activity order and the selectivity patterns (LiTaO3 > > KTaO3 > NaTaO3) depend on the octahedral arrangements of the TaO6 tantalates.



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Jin-An Wang, Guozhong Cao and José Manuel Domínguez




L. M. Torres-Martínez et al., "Structure Sensitivity of Sol-Gel Alkali Tantalates, ATaO3 (A= Li, Na and K): Acetone Gas Phase Condensation", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 132, pp. 61-67, 2010

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August 2010




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