Advances in New Catalytic Materials

Volume 132

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Saghar Sepehri, Yan Yi Liu, Guo Zhong Cao

Abstract: Hydrogen generated from clean and renewable energy sources has been considered as an alternate fuel to carbon based fossil fuels for several...

Authors: Saghar Sepehri, Betzaida Batalla García, Qi Feng Zhang, Guo Zhong Cao

Abstract: Ammonia borane (AB) with high gravimetric hydrogen capacity is of great interest for storing hydrogen in solid form which is an important...

Authors: Chun Fang Zhou, Jian Hua Zhu

Abstract: This short paper reports the direct observation of the structure variation of mesoporous silica at temperatures higher than 600 oC by use of...

Authors: Li Fang Chen, Jesus López, Jin An Wang, Luis E. Noreña-Franco, Guo Xian Yu, Fa Hai Cao, Yue Qing Song, Xiao Long Zhou

Abstract: Two types of mesoporous Si-MCM-41 materials were synthesized via a cationic surfactant template method using different Si-precursors. The...

Authors: Li Bao Wu, Dong Mei Jiao, Li Fang Chen, Jin An Wang, Fa Hai Cao

Abstract: Three CoMo supported catalysts with different supports, Al2O3, MgO and MgO-MgAl2O4, were prepared by a urea matrix combustion method. The...

Authors: Angeles Mantilla, Francisco Tzompantzi, María Manríquez, Guadalupe Mendoza, Jose L. Fernández, Ricardo Gómez

Abstract: ZnAlFe mixed oxides with high surface area were obtained by the calcination (723 K) of ZnAlFe layered double hydroxides (LDHs). The calcined...

Authors: Leticia M. Torres-Martínez, M. Elena Meza-de la Rosa, Lorena L. Garza-Tovar, Isaías Juárez-Ramírez, Francisco Tzompantzi, Gloria Del Angel, Juan M. Padilla, Ricardo Gómez

Abstract: Perovskite-type compounds such as alkali tantalates, ATaO3 (A = Li, Na and K), prepared by the sol-gel method are reported as heterogeneous...

Authors: Marcello L. Hernández-Pichardo, J.A. Montoya, P. Del Angel, S.P. Paredes

Abstract: Mesoporous zirconia-Mn oxides were prepared by surfactant-assisted precipitation using different zirconia precursors and...

Authors: Yu Ye Xue, Guan Zhong Lu, Yun Guo, Yang Long Guo, Yan Qin Wang, Zhi Gang Zhang

Abstract: The Gd2O3 (gadolinia) modified CuO/AC catalysts for NO reduction by activated carbon were prepared and characterized by XRD, TPD-MS, EPR,...


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