Advances in New Catalytic Materials

Volume 132

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tian Yi Ma, Tie Zhen Ren, Zhong Yong Yuan

Abstract: A hierarchical meso-/macroporous titanium phosphonate (TPPH) hybrid material was prepared via a simple surfactant-assisted process with the...

Authors: S. Castillo, R. Carrera, R. Camposeco, P. Del Angel, J.A. Montoya, A.L. Vázquez, M. Morán-Pineda, Ricardo Gómez

Abstract: Nanocrystalline TiO2 powders were prepared by the sol-gel method and evaluated in the NO photocatalytic oxidation. Samples annealed at 200...

Authors: Kun Wan, Xiang Hong Peng, Ping Jing Du

Abstract: Chitin/TiO2 composite was prepared through colloid TiO2 deposited on the chitin by controlling the pH value of the system, while colloid...

Authors: Edgar Caleb Aguillón-Martínez, José Aarón Melo-Banda, L.A. Guevara, T.A. Reyes, C.E. Ramos Galván, R.R. Silva, J.M. Domínguez

Abstract: In this paper, the incorporation of carbide and nitride phases supported on mesoporous materials like SBA type is described in order to...

Authors: Guo Xian Yu, Rui Xue Zhou, Ji Bing Li, Xiao Long Zhou, Cheng Lie Li, Li Fang Chen, Jin An Wang

Abstract: Phosphotungstic acid (HPW) supported on activated carbon (AC) combined with hydrogen peroxide formed an oxidative desulfurizaiton (ODS)...

Authors: Guo Xian Yu, Jing Sun, Xiao Ming Hou, Xiao Long Zhou, Cheng Lie Li, Li Fang Chen, Jin An Wang

Abstract: Rice hull (designated with RH) was activated by phosphoric acid to prepare an adsorbent for the removal of sulfur-containing compounds from...

Authors: Guo Xian Yu, Ji Bing Li, Xiao Long Zhou, Cheng Lie Li, Li Fang Chen, Jin An Wang

Abstract: Transition metal-modified carbon-based adsorbents were prepared by impregnating activated carbon with solutions of copper, cobalt or nickel...

Authors: F.E. Lugo del Ángel, R. Silva-Rodrigo, A. Vázquez Rodríguez, R. García Alamilla, J. Navarrete Bolaños, A. Castillo Mares, José Aarón Melo-Banda, Eduardo Térres-Rojas, J.L. Rivera Armenta

Abstract: Pure zirconia, sulfated zirconia and sulfated zirconia modified with 2, 3, 5 and 10 wt. % of cerium oxide were synthesized by sol-gel...

Authors: M. Díaz-García, J. Aguilar-Pliego, G. Herrera-Pérez, L. Guzmán, P. Schachat, Luis E. Noreña-Franco, A. Aguilar-Elguezabal, M. Gutierrez-Arzaluz

Abstract: In recent years the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries have increased the usage of camphene, an intermediate for the manufacture of,...

Authors: Guo Xian Yu, Yang Hu, Da Ni Lin, Xiao Long Zhou, Cheng Lie Li, Li Fang Chen, Jin An Wang

Abstract: Effects of ytterbia for Pt-SO42-/ZrO2-Al2O3-Yb2O3 (PSZAY) catalysts in n-hexane hydroisomerization were investigated. It was elucidated that...


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