Restoration and Strengthening of a Historical Structure in Antalya - Turkey


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Protection and restoration of historical structure has a big importance to transfer past from future. It is necessary to protect all materials and documents that includes past culture, life style and life art in purpose of human history. Structures that used in past, is most important of these materials. Protection of historical structures that reflect to history of period and is historical artifact is also important because of emphasized reason. There are many historical structures in different region of Turkey. Some structuring especially show all cultural structure of that period and stand erect as grand monument. But in the length of time these type structures abrade and lose their nature, because of natural or other reason. After ever earthquake, almost each historical structures have permanent damages in Turkey which is earthquake area. For this reason, It is necessary to transfer future these historical structures by strength and repairing to discover local earth conditions and equipments that used in structure against to earthquake and other affects, determining damaged condition, determining system of architecture and conveyer to these historical structures On the other side, protection of structure can be provided with help of increasing functionality. Unused and closed historical structure will abrade and because of natural and other affects, it will damages and becomes unused. So, basic protection is to use and repair periodically to these historical structures. In near future, protection and restoration of historical structures get importance in Turkey. Many historical structures start to handle for this propose, works pick up speed for restorations. Mustafa Kemal primary school which used as school long time, and completed construction in 1910 Antalya-Turkey, is other important cultural heritage. Accumulation school building has basement, ground floor, and 1.floor. Because of floor height, basement has not been used. Other two floors have been used for common room, laboratory and toilet. In this work, after building survey of historical building used for school had been taken, equipment used in building had been confirmed and local earth condition had been determined, according to exist Turkish Regulations building analyze had been done. According to lacks of structure, it had been invigorated. For propose of implementation of architecture style to period, all added parts had been restored and renewed to damaged parts. Keywords: Restoration, strengthening, historical structure



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 133-134)

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Xianglin Gu and Xiaobin Song






A. Koçak and Z. Kilit, "Restoration and Strengthening of a Historical Structure in Antalya - Turkey", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 133-134, pp. 575-584, 2010

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October 2010





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