Structural Analysis of Historic Constructions

Volumes 133-134

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Claudio Modena, Francesca Da Porto, Casarin Filippo, Marco Munari, Elena Simonato

Abstract: The architectural heritage was seriously hit by the earthquake that occurred on April 6th 2009 in the Abruzzo region, especially considering...

Authors: Xi Lin Lu, Wen Sheng Lu, Xin Zhang

Abstract: To contradict from the rapid development of economy and urban construction, the conservation and strengthening of historic buildings are...

Authors: K.J. Willam, C. Citto, P.B. Shing

Abstract: The paper summarizes the main research findings on masonry infill walls which were obtained within the framework of a comprehensive...

Authors: Ahmet Turer

Abstract: Conservation studies in developing countries might have additional problems to those that are being experienced by leading developed...

Authors: Bohumil Kasal

Abstract: Timber is one of the oldest structural materials and has been traditionally used in all parts of the world. Pressures on environmental...

Authors: Federica Ottoni, Eva Coisson, Carlo Blasi

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to show the potentiality of the historical analysis mixed with the experimental data elaboration in identifying the...

Authors: Julio Vargas Neumann

Abstract: The acceleration of climate change and the increasing frequency of natural disasters mean that there is an urgent need to adapt conservation...

Authors: Toshikazu Hanazato, Chikahiro Minowa, Yasushi Niitsu, Kazuhiko Nitto, Naohito Kawai, Hideyuki Maekawa, Masayuki Morii

Abstract: In Japan, there exist a total of 22 five-storied timber pagodas constructed before the middle of 19 centuries. All of those pagodas are...


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