Experimental Study on Ultrasonic Vibration Dressing Wheel


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Excellent wheel dressing technology can ensure the ground surface quality effectively. Because precision machining has a strict requirement on the wheel dressing, the wheel dressing with ultrasonic vibration was adopted, and the device of ultrasonic vibration dressing was also designed in this paper. On the base of analysis mechanism of ultrasonic vibration dressing wheel, the grinding experiment was carried out in different dressing conditions. The surface characteristics of ultrasonic dressing wheel and the influence of different dressing parameters on the workpiece surface quality were studied. Furthermore, the optimal dressing parameters have been obtained. The experiment results indicate that the micro cutting edge of grinding wheel distribute sparsely in circumferential directional but densely in axial direction in the condition of ultrasonic dressing, and it is particular characteristic of ultrasonic dressing. When the dressing and grinding conditions are suitable, the workpiece surface roughness can be reduced, but the conditions are not arbitrary. At the same time, the workpiece surface burn can be effectively reduced, even if the larger grinding depth is used during the grinding process.



Edited by:

Qiusheng Yan, Jiabin Lu, Jun Wang and Hang Gao






D. H. Xiang et al., "Experimental Study on Ultrasonic Vibration Dressing Wheel", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 135, pp. 260-264, 2010

Online since:

October 2010




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