Recent Development of the Aero-Engine Impeller and Blade Surface Polishing Technology


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The air compressing efficiency and heat conductance of aero-engine is markedly influenced by the surface micro-morphology and surface roughness of the impeller and blades, which will further affect the thrust weight ratio of plane. To achieve low flow losses, the roughness values of the impeller and blade surface must be below certain limits. Some polishing techniques as final finishing process of the impeller and blades are reviewed and their recent developments are shown in the paper. Further more a new kind of point-by-point NC polishing principle for aero-engine impeller surface, in which surface roughness will gradually change from the inlet to the outlet, are presented.



Edited by:

Qiusheng Yan, Jiabin Lu, Jun Wang and Hang Gao






H. Gao et al., "Recent Development of the Aero-Engine Impeller and Blade Surface Polishing Technology", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 135, pp. 7-12, 2010

Online since:

October 2010




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