Statistical Analysis of Cutting Forces in Turning Inconel 718 with Coated Carbide Tools


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The experimental study presented in this paper aims to investigate the effects of cutting parameters on cutting forces, and search the optimal cutting parameters for the minimum cutting forces during turning Inconel 718 under dry cutting conditions. Based on Taguchi method, a L25 (53) array was designed to conduct the turning experiments. The experimental results indicate that the best condition for the minimum cutting force components is the combination of 45m/min cutting speed, 0.08mm/r feed rate, and 0.2mm depth of cut. The effects of the cutting parameters on cutting forces are investigated while employing the analysis of variance (ANOVA). Finally, the quadratic regression equations for cutting forces were formulated, which can well describe the relationship between cutting parameters and cutting forces.



Edited by:

Qiusheng Yan, Jiabin Lu, Jun Wang and Hang Gao




X. L. Zhu et al., "Statistical Analysis of Cutting Forces in Turning Inconel 718 with Coated Carbide Tools", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 135, pp. 96-101, 2010

Online since:

October 2010




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