Surface Finishing Technology and Surface Engineering II

Volume 135

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Ming Xu, Yong Wu Luo

Abstract: In order to improve the accuracy of quantitative calculation of abrasive flow machining, the influence of geometrical parameters of abrasive...

Authors: Ke Qiang Yu, Tie Hui Jin, Xiao Xu Dong, Yan Chen

Abstract: Traditional magnetic grinding method has great advantage in polishing small workpieces with complicated surfaces. However, this method has...

Authors: Yan Xia Feng, Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang

Abstract: In this paper, an experimental evaluation of the surface microstructural integrity of Si3N4 ceramics milled with abrasive waterjet was...

Authors: Jian Ming Zhan, Si Hai Yu

Abstract: Generally, aspheric surfaces require extra high accuracy and roughness and need to be polished further after being shaped. Because the...

Authors: Yu Li Sun, Dun Wen Zuo, W.Z. Lu, Y.W. Zhu, J. Li

Abstract: The ice fixed abrasives (IFA) polishing is a potential polishing process in the semiconductor industry to realize superior surface finish...

Authors: Jian Qing Wang, X.J. Zhu, Quan Cheng, Yan Wang

Abstract: Grinding chatter belongs to non-linear vibration, whose generation mechanism is complex. The eliminating and reducing of vibration are very...

Authors: Yu Shan Lu, Qi Lin Shu, Jun Wang

Abstract: In order to obtain the contact pressure distribution between the hard disc substrate and the polishing pad and its effects on the profile of...

Authors: Jian Xiu Su, Yin Xia Zhang, Jia Xi Du, Ren Ke Kang

Abstract: The friction force on wafer surface plays an important role in removing material of wafer surface and the friction force on wafer surface...

Authors: Xiao Li Zhu, Song Zhang, Tong Chao Ding, Yuan Wei Wang

Abstract: The experimental study presented in this paper aims to investigate the effects of cutting parameters on cutting forces, and search the...

Authors: Ning Luo, You Yi Zheng, Guo Tai Han, Ke Jiang

Abstract: The characteristics of surface connection include high fatigue strength, high centering ability, easy dismantling and long life. According...


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