Surface Finishing Technology and Surface Engineering II

Volume 135

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Huan Wu Sun, Wei Yi Chen

Abstract: The fluid magnetic abrasives (FMA) are a new type of precision finishing abrasives which are developed on the basis of the phase transition...

Authors: Ming Chen, Bin Rong, Gang Liu

Abstract: Burr formation is a bottleneck of the production line and deteriorates the automation integrity. To this question, investigations were...

Authors: Qian Jian Guo, Jian Guo Yang

Abstract: Four key temperature points of a CNC machine tool were obtained in this paper, and a thermal error model based on the four key temperature...

Authors: Gui Cheng Wang, Qin Xi Shen, Yun Ming Zhu

Abstract: Burrs and fractures are two types of shapes formed on exit edges in pricision machining. They affect the quality of workpiece and the...

Authors: Jian Hua Li, Wei Fu Fan, Zhong Mei Zhang

Abstract: The fine-blanking procedure for AISI-1045 and AISI-1020 under the condition of various blanking allowance has been simulated by the...

Authors: Qi Peng Li, Ying Hong Li, Wei Feng He, Wei Li, Yu Qin Li

Abstract: The vibration strength under allowable value leads to the failure of compressor blade of certain aeroengine. In order to solve the problem,...

Authors: Zong Wei Niu, Zhi Yong Li, F.F. Wang, Jia You Zhang, Ai Hong Wang

Abstract: Alumina ceramic coating was gained by micro-arc oxidation of hot-dip aluminum film on stainless steel. The main properties indexes of...

Authors: Deng Hui Wei, Jian Zhong Zhou, Shu Huang, Yu Jie Fan, Min Wang

Abstract: Micro-scale laser shock peening (μLSP) is a novel surface modification technique utilizing mechanical effect of shock wave induced by high...

Authors: Ru Bo Zhang, Pei Qi Ge, Lei Zhang, Bin Li, Chao Zhao

Abstract: Grind-hardening is a new integrated machining technology which utilizes grinding heat to quench the non-quenched steel directly. In this...

Authors: Gui Jie Liu, Xin Wang, An Jin Li, Fang You Hu

Abstract: To improve the comprehensive properties of titanium alloy, an experiment of laser-clad (Ti+Cr3C2+Al) has been carried out, using pulsed YAG...


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