Surface Finishing Technology and Surface Engineering II

Volume 135

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Q.C. Wang, Qing Long An, Ming Chen, Gang Liu, Yun Shan Zhang

Abstract: Alloy cast iron cylinder is the mainstream product used in engine nowadays. However, the machinability of alloy cast iron is poor because of...

Authors: Shu Tao Huang, Li Zhou, Li Fu Xu

Abstract: Super-high speed polishing of diamond film is a newly proposed method due to its outstanding features such as low cost and simple apparatus....

Authors: Yun Ping Cheng, Cheng Yong Wang, Ying Ning Hu, Wei Zheng Si

Abstract: As one of the excellent decorative materials, ceramic tiles must be ground and polished to present the glossy surface. Diamond cup wheel is...

Authors: Ying Fei Ge, Jiu Hua Xu, Yu Can Fu

Abstract: Chip formation and surface generation were investigated when ultra-precision turning of SiCp/2009Al and SiCp/ZL101A composites using Single...

Authors: Zhi Dan Zheng, Zi Qiang Zhang, Shao Bo Chen

Abstract: On Labview’s development platform, taking full advantage of multithreading management and data stream control, a quick-responding...

Authors: Zhi Yong Li, Zong Wei Niu

Abstract: Electrochemical micro-machining (EMM) has become one of the main machining methods for production of miniaturized parts and components....

Authors: Lei Zhang, Wen Bo Bi, Ru Bo Zhang

Abstract: In order to estimate the energy partition within the workpiece, an integral approximation solution of energy partition is found in the...

Authors: Feng Jiao, Bo Zhao, Xiang Liu

Abstract: The surface roughness of machined surface is one of the important indicators to evaluate the workpiece machining quality. In order to...

Authors: Xin Li Tian, Fang Guo, Jun Fei Yang, Bao Guo Zhang, Ya Tao Mao

Abstract: Axial turning is a method to cut the cylindrical work piece along its axis, using the kinetic energy of high-speed rotation annularity tool,...

Authors: Bing Suo Pan, Biao Wan, Xiao Hong Fang

Abstract: In precision machining, the uniformity degree of abrasive distribution affects significantly the surface quality. To quantitatively evaluate...


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