Surface Finishing Technology and Surface Engineering II

Volume 135

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Li Zhang, Ji Cai Kuai, Fei Hu Zhang

Abstract: The properties of oxide films are very important for improving the mass of ELID grinding surface. In this paper, a novel calculation model...

Authors: Zeng Dian Zhao, Yu Hong Huang, Yu Gang Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, ferrosilicon powder was used as the ferromagnetic phase, corundum powder as the abrasive phase, high temperature inorganic...

Authors: Bei Zhang, Hong Jun Xu, Yu Can Fu, Hong Hua Su

Abstract: This study has developed a new kind of high performance monolayer brazed diamond tool for ceramic grinding. The grit size of the diamond...

Authors: Wen Bo Bi, Pei Qi Ge, S.Q. Song, Y.F. Gao, Z.S. Wang, L. Zhang

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to modify the resin binder for developing resin-bonded diamond wire saw. The optimization of components with...

Authors: Hong Wei Fan, Bing Hai Lv, Ju Long Yuan, Q.F. Deng, W.F. Yao

Abstract: In order to obtain low surface damage and high machining efficiency for advanced ceramics, overcome clogging and dressing difficulties of...

Authors: Zhi Huang, Lei Zhang, Yun Huang, Jian Qiang Wu

Abstract: A high-precision grinding method is presented to the marine controllable pitch propeller. Developed the four-axis simultaneous grinding...

Authors: Gui Wen Kang

Abstract: Magnetorheological finishing (MRF) is a novel precision optical machining technology. Owing to its flexible finishing process, MRF can...

Authors: Yong Jun Zhang, Yong Jun Tang, Feng Li

Abstract: In order to resolve the problem of polishing micro-shafts and cavities, a novel technique of Micro-Electrochemical Polishing Mixed with...

Authors: Zhi Yong Li, Zong Wei Niu

Abstract: Because the process of blade in electrochemical machining(EMC) can be effected by many factors, such as blade shapes, machining electrical...

Authors: Yue Zhang, Li Han, Tai Li Sun, Quan Liang, Xi Chuan Zhang

Abstract: To investigate the effects of gases as coolant and lubricant on machined surface, the micrograph and roughness value were obtained face to...


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